VIPA Holdings

Agricultural Importers, Exporters...

Agricultural Importers, Exporters, distributors, Indent Agents, Manufactures Representatives.

Based in Durban and with offices in South Africa and Mauritius, Vipa Holdings supplies fertilizers
and animal feed raw materials to the agricultural industry.

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Buy Quality or Buy Twice

“Volatile pricing over the past few years has resulted in buyers looking
 for “spot” products at lower prices, but this has resulted in scams,
inferior products and huge losses to buyers.  
The bottom line is ‘buy quality or buy twice’ and Vipa is quality” .

:- David Smillie - CEO Vipa Holdings

VIPA Commodities

Fertiliser Raw Materials
Natural Additives
Animal Feed

Advanced Agri

Coating Products
Soil Conditioners
Granular Products

Technical Support

Plant Nutrition
Product Development
New Innovative Farming Practices


Clear-cut Logistics
Valuable Transport Options